Saturday, September 6, 2008

Too Busy to Think! (or post, obviously!)

Life has just blown by these last few weeks! There has really just been too much activity to even begin to write about! We've had a couple of sick kids on top of that (yes, I know, already! that's what school is good for!) and, all of you mommy friends know how sick kids makes you loose your days (and your mind!) However, I had promised many in our family that I would post pics from Seth's birthday party at "The Mouse", so, here it is! Better late than never! (That is my life motto these days! My sister always says, "You'll be late to your own funeral!" .....I say, "Better late than never!" and, I always follow up with, "I bet they will wait on me!" Thanks for waitin' on me! :)

The Birthday Boy!

........the fun! ......the rides!

......and the antics of 4 year old boys! LOVE IT! (and, love you, too, Brock!)

....the cake (Spiderman, 2 years running)

......the face! I don't know if the sugar was too much for him or he was reacting to April, his little friend from MDO! :)
I love this face!

..........the gifts! And, after he opened
each one, he said, "It's MIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEEEEE!"


amy wright said...

He is so, so cute!! I can see his personality shining right through the pictures. I'm glad he had a happy birthday and can't believe that he is 4!!!

Knock On Wood said...

thank you, yes I did have enough restraint to wait until Sept 1st. I love your background also! caching-bling! I'm quite tempted to change my background with each new set of pics! Thanks for the all the wolves stuff!! talk to you soon. Love the birthday pics - Sean's mini-me!!!!

Enjoying the journey... said...

4 already! What a cutie! I hope you are all well now! Have a great week!

Emily Suzanne said...

Yes, sick kids do make me lose my mind. Thank you very much. :)
Your little guy is getting big and still so cute!

Kara and Dave said...

Awww he is so BIG!! CUTE pics. I love it.