Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring......and the stuff we are doin'!

HAPPY SPRING! My favorite season! I love the new flowers and their happy colors that are poking through the dry ground...... and the green grass that is springing up in places that are rock hard! How do they do that?! Amazes me! The flowering trees are glorious! They are like candy to my soul! The sun is warm and makes me so happy when it shines on my face! I love Spring! Maybe it's because it's my birthday season, too. Just sayin'!

Kite flyin' and sidewalk chalkin'.....

And, yes, we did have a beautiful snow shower the first day of Spring Break! CRAZY!

Along with our fun times, we have also been busy! I have gotten many appts. for pictures, as people and kids are wanting to get out of hibernation. Senior pictures are also on my agenda! And, my kids have their things starting back for Lily and Seth, softball for Hanna and as always, dance for Emma. Everything is in full-swing!

Here are some pics from the last few weeks' activities.....Enjoy! And, be happy.....It's SPRING!

Spring Break fun at the bowling alley.....

The Lone Star Ballet outreach show at the Mall........

S and S photo shoot.......pure preciousness!!!!

K's Sr. shoot

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An unexpected trip......a forever blessing!

Well, as many of you know, Sean's mother, Bea Hemry, passed away late last Monday. It was definitely not expected, but she had heart and lung trouble for the last few years. She went to the doctor for shortness of breath and died later that evening. She was 60. As the trip was so sad, it was also a good time of reflection. Yes, we went back to Kansas last week to attend services and be with the family, but it was also a great time of reminiscing and time to remind ourselves just how important family and friends really are! We know Grandma Bea is rejoicing over us in Heaven. We will see her again someday!

We got to spend some time with dear friends and visit some places that warm our hearts while we were in Manhattan. It was a beautiful week! Here are some pics from our time there...

Patty and Dixie are Bea's sisters. Suzy is her niece and Katie and Beth are her nieces.....all from Georgia.

Fun pics
on G'pa