Sunday, April 18, 2010

This girl's got game!

Hanna Grace.....our softball player! The season is about to explode...........

I love this girl! I love how intense she can be about this sport....and then, in a blink of an eye, how kind and compassionate she can be towards her teammates. She's an awesome batter. A fast runner. The best centerfielder! She's a cheerleader! She's a team player! She amazes me with her ability. Her strength surpases all that I have ever seen in a 12 year old. The endurance these girls show on the field is that of Olympic ability. And, even better, the character she shows off the field is that to praised! It amazes me! It challenges me! It makes me so proud! I'm not kidding! This girl has GOT GAME!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our life.....crazy, fun, busy, full and fast! Take a peek!

My 38th birthday was April 7th. This week was such a full and crazy week, Sean threw a surprise party for me on Sunday. My birthday didn't even phase me. In fact, it seems they are easier and easier every year. I love who I am becoming. I love that I see changes in my life every year. I love how God keeps coming after me harder and the way it becomes a challenge for everyday. This week was so busy, but it gave me an oppertunity to count my by one! So, going backward in time, from this day........I will try to re-cap the highlights of our lives.....since Feb. :)Opening Day! What a fun time! I never thought the day would come when all four of my children had their thing going.....all at once! This weekend, it became a reality! It was Seth's turn! He is playing t-ball. I am loving every minute of it! Is there anything cuter than a proud 5 year old boy in his baseball uniform? If there is.....I have yet to see it! They put Seth in as catcher, his first time out on the field. I say, from behind the fence, "Seth has never practiced catcher!" His coach says back, as they are strapping him in his gear, "Noone has!" Alrighty then! Play Ball!And a fine catcher he was!Now it is his first "at bat". I know they have been practicing's all we do at home! And, look out when several 5 year olds have a bat! WOW!He hits the ball.......a double!Made it to 2nd! Get ready to run, Seth! .....he runs to 3rd! And then HOME!!!!!And, big sister Hana approves! (Big sister, who just finished her softball practice, where she slid and tore up her knee! Good times!) The Rockies win their opening game! Whew! That was fun! (Next time, I will not forget my video camera!)

Friday Night at the ballet! "CINDERELLA"! We love OPENING NIGHT! The nerves, the excitement, the flowers, the pictures......
...and the dancing was spectacular! Emma is a Spring Fairy here, presenting Cinderella with her dress.

Here, she is an Arabian princess at the palace party.....

...and her first partnering lift on was breathtaking! Literally! We gasped!

Mom, Gretch and Aly joined us on Saturday for the matinee. It was a fun day!

EASTER! Oh, how I love celebrating our Risen Lord! Dyeing eggs is one of our favorite traditions. I never really knew how it could tie in to the Resurrection story....until this year! Everytime Lily heard anything about "dyeing" eggs, she would say, "Jesus died on the cross!" I love that girl! She makes everyday worth living!

Seth and his turqouise egg!....anticipation!Easter Morning! Easter Baskets! my Easter Lily!

...and confetti eggs! Gotta love them~

Sweet Lily, ready for the hunt!

Oh, and by the way, somehow I forgot to blog this....and it is a very important and exciting event in our house! HANNA MADE CHEERLEADER FOR JR HIGH!!!! Yes, go ahead and add one more thing to this crazy schedule! We are thrilled! She has never wanted anything more (at least not right now!) than to be cheerleader. She made it, along with 3 other soon-to-be 7th graders and 4 soon-to-be 8th graders. We have already picked out and received 4 uniforms (yes, FOUR! I only had 3 as a college level cheerleader at Kansas State!) We are so excited to watch her shine! ......However, her High School softball coach has warned her "Get that out of your system now....before you get to High School!" I think he has his eye on her!!!

Until next time.............Happy Spring!