Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowed In!

Isn't amazing how things can change so quickly? Just yesterday, we were running around, busy with all of our activities, in the 65 degree weather, just trying to keep our head above water with the homework and ballet and groceries and church and more homework and bedtime......

And then, with one drop of frozen liquid from the is all put on hold! We slow down. We take the day off from our crazy schedules and GLADLY stay home. We stay in our pajamas all day. We even forget what day it is. We put puzzles together....till they are done. We play games. We cook yummy snacks and full meals. We snuggle on the couch and don't look at the clock. It is amazing to me how quickly WE change. And, change to a pace that we love.

So happy to be snowed in. So happy we get one more day at home and then the weekend! So happy that our little vacation came with much anticipation and satisfaction. So glad we are all home safe. So blessed we have heat! And food! And family! AND TV!!!

....and then, in a few days, it will all be back to normal......and we will be ready! Thank you, God, that you know just what we need!