Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emma Kate is 14! 14?!

Ok! This one hit me! On November the 2oth, at 5:06pm, we have had Emma Kate in our lives for 14 years! I just can't believe it has been 14 years since this little princess changed us! In some ways, it seems like Sean and I have ALWAYS had other ways, it seems like yesterday that they arrived! And then, I find myself so grateful to look over the last 14 years and praise God for this beautiful, talented, kind, patient, gentle young woman that He has grown. My part has been work, but I can see God's fingerprints all over her. I will have to say, I am the happiest mommy in the world to kiss "13" goodbye! Woo! I deserve a medal for that year! I look forward to the years to come and will treasure every moment as it screams past me. The other day, someone said, "it won't be long till she's driving"! Well, just like "it won't be long before she's walking" and "it won't be long till she's in school", it's true, it didn't seem like long enough, but, God prepares my mommy heart everytime for that moment! I am getting ready for her to drive......just like I was ready for her to walk and for her to go to school! As a parent, I am finding we are really never "ready" to go on to the next stage....if we just go willingly and gracefully, we might enjoy the ride. We may even smile a time or two. I just pray for joy and deep belly laughs and peace and protection over this child as she grows into a young woman. I pray for both of our hearts to be prepared for what lies ahead. And for God's grace to usher us into the next "stage" of her life!

"The King is enthralled by her beauty, she is anointed with the oil of joy. All glorious is the princess in her chamber....she will be led in with joy and gladness as she enters the palace of the King...." from Psalm 45.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Ok, I'll play! Just because I have a million and one things to do this morning and here I am on Facebook....why not! :)

I was tagged by my friend, Tammy. Sooooo, here goes......

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1. My sister and I are the only ones in our family that are left handed.

2. I cheered for Kansas State in college.

3. I have always wanted a pony.

4. I love massages!

5. I want to live on the beach someday.

6. I'm a photographer.

7. Chris Daughtry is my favorite right now!

I've tagged Al, Amy A., Amy P., Amy W., and Ana

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giving Thanks

November is always such a crazy month for us! While most of the world is preparing for Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas, our family celebrates MANY birthdays this month, prepares for Nutcracker, attends the Nutcracker Ball, and THEN Thanksgiving is here and then Christmas is fast approaching! GASP!

This year, we had a pause in all of the activity that fills our lives.....a time to pause and pay our respects to my step-father, Stephen Fox-Vincent. He passed away on Monday, Nov. 3rd, after a 10 month battle with lung cancer. My mom had written in her journal not too long back that "if God would choose to take him now, it would be in the Fall". During this beautiful time of year, where the world seems to glow with color and the splendor of God's creation, we remembered Stephen this past Friday, and got together with family and friends to recall the dear blessings in our lives. This November, all of the craziness just seems to have subsided. We have tuned into God's hand on our lives, to the many blessings we celebrate, to the family we have gotten to enjoy so much more than we normally do, to the friends that have blessed our lives...past and present...and have stopped and really taken in God's Glory here on this earth. Just like the prayer we all know says.....this really is Heaven on Earth! It reminded us to sit longer, laugh harder, hold tighter and love deeper. We will miss you, Grampy. We know you are at peace now and are healed from this world's pain....and enjoying this beautiful Fall from a different view this year.

Mom with her forever friend, Kelly.

Emma and I at the Nutcracker Ball

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hanna Grace is 11!

Oh, is it really possible? I know, this is every mother's lament! How does time fly by so quickly? I remember Hanna as a baby. She was my best child! An angel! She has always been so fun and easy-going. Even as an ornery 2 year old, who would escape our house many be found next door at Mrs. Warkentin's, just playing in the floor. Many times, she never knew she'd come in. Hanna has always found a friend in everyone.....and everyone has been fond of her very quickly. She is my sunshine! My bright spot in each and every day. She brings us up when we are down and makes us laugh till our sides hurt. She's caring and kind and loves deeply. I love seeing my children bloom where God has planted them......and Hanna is one of my most glorious flowers! I can see God shaping and molding her into who He wants her to be. Happy Birthday, Hanna Grace! Shine on!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat.....Smell my feet.....give me something good to eat!

Well, that is what we always said. Why, I'll never know. And, for some reason my kids don't believe me and won't say it!

We had a fun and hectic Halloween this year. We went to Dalhart to be with my sister and her family (as we were helping them move to a different house...just down the block) and because Daddy was working the monthly Dalhart weekend. This year snuck up on me as we have been so busy. Glad my kids were prepared. I always love to hear what they want to be every year! It changes with their ever-changing personalities (and seems to fall in line with their b-day themes for that year). I really thought Sethy would don the beloved Spiderman costume AGAIN (since Spidey made it for two birthdays in a row....why not two Halloween's?!)....but, he said he wanted to be a SPIDER! Go figure! We checked and double checked and he assured us he wanted to be a "big, black spider with many legs"! Ok! Got it! (and, Quinn was Spiderman, so that was perfect!)

Lily was no surprise......Hannah Montana! (duh, Mom!) Easy enough. The girl owns half of Hannah Montana's wardrobe. Really!

My Hanna decided to go as a softball player, which was fitting, since she was missing her last softball tournament of the year to be with her family in Dalhart! What a punkin she is! So, that was an easy one, too! We had all of the stuff. She said, "I feel like I'm getting ready for a game!" Of course she did! That is the norm for her! :)

Now, Emma, I didn't know about. (Really, when do they stop wanting to dress up?) She decided on her own that she was going to go trick or treating with her siblings and she had to dress up to do that! She was a punk-rock ballerina. That is her norm, too! It was a fun evening. It was fun to be with the Hales for Halloween again, too. It has been a few years! I miss being close to them! We also had fun watching our Dalhart friend's faces as they opened their doors and then realized who we were! I wish I had my camera ready each time! I think I had the most fun with that. :)

Hannah Montana (AKA, Lily) before the wig came off! It didn't take long!

I love this one! One day, he'll appreciate that love! :)

And, a picture of my new eco sneaks......I guess the kids weren't being cooperative at some point and I had to get a pic of my shoes! LOVE THEM!

And, the whole gang! Seth, Emma, Hanna, Lily, Cameron, Aly and Quinn. Love them, too!