Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat.....Smell my feet.....give me something good to eat!

Well, that is what we always said. Why, I'll never know. And, for some reason my kids don't believe me and won't say it!

We had a fun and hectic Halloween this year. We went to Dalhart to be with my sister and her family (as we were helping them move to a different house...just down the block) and because Daddy was working the monthly Dalhart weekend. This year snuck up on me as we have been so busy. Glad my kids were prepared. I always love to hear what they want to be every year! It changes with their ever-changing personalities (and seems to fall in line with their b-day themes for that year). I really thought Sethy would don the beloved Spiderman costume AGAIN (since Spidey made it for two birthdays in a row....why not two Halloween's?!)....but, he said he wanted to be a SPIDER! Go figure! We checked and double checked and he assured us he wanted to be a "big, black spider with many legs"! Ok! Got it! (and, Quinn was Spiderman, so that was perfect!)

Lily was no surprise......Hannah Montana! (duh, Mom!) Easy enough. The girl owns half of Hannah Montana's wardrobe. Really!

My Hanna decided to go as a softball player, which was fitting, since she was missing her last softball tournament of the year to be with her family in Dalhart! What a punkin she is! So, that was an easy one, too! We had all of the stuff. She said, "I feel like I'm getting ready for a game!" Of course she did! That is the norm for her! :)

Now, Emma, I didn't know about. (Really, when do they stop wanting to dress up?) She decided on her own that she was going to go trick or treating with her siblings and she had to dress up to do that! She was a punk-rock ballerina. That is her norm, too! It was a fun evening. It was fun to be with the Hales for Halloween again, too. It has been a few years! I miss being close to them! We also had fun watching our Dalhart friend's faces as they opened their doors and then realized who we were! I wish I had my camera ready each time! I think I had the most fun with that. :)

Hannah Montana (AKA, Lily) before the wig came off! It didn't take long!

I love this one! One day, he'll appreciate that love! :)

And, a picture of my new eco sneaks......I guess the kids weren't being cooperative at some point and I had to get a pic of my shoes! LOVE THEM!

And, the whole gang! Seth, Emma, Hanna, Lily, Cameron, Aly and Quinn. Love them, too!


amy wright said...

I love the first picture of Seth with his cute cheeks squeezed between his hands. All of the kids look great! Love the sneakers!!
I bet that was fun to ring doorbells and surprise a few people.

Enjoying the journey... said...

It was so great to see you guys at my front door. Thank you so much for coming!!!! You have a beautiful family....inside and out! Come again SOON!

As We Are said...

I sure do love those shoes! I love eco shoes.
Cute trick-or-treaters! I'm so glad to see that your big girls still dress up. I will be so sad when that day comes to an end.