Monday, November 10, 2008

Hanna Grace is 11!

Oh, is it really possible? I know, this is every mother's lament! How does time fly by so quickly? I remember Hanna as a baby. She was my best child! An angel! She has always been so fun and easy-going. Even as an ornery 2 year old, who would escape our house many be found next door at Mrs. Warkentin's, just playing in the floor. Many times, she never knew she'd come in. Hanna has always found a friend in everyone.....and everyone has been fond of her very quickly. She is my sunshine! My bright spot in each and every day. She brings us up when we are down and makes us laugh till our sides hurt. She's caring and kind and loves deeply. I love seeing my children bloom where God has planted them......and Hanna is one of my most glorious flowers! I can see God shaping and molding her into who He wants her to be. Happy Birthday, Hanna Grace! Shine on!


Enjoying the journey... said...

Happy Birthday Hanna!!!!!!

Kara and Dave said...

Awww Happy Birthday Hanna!!!

amy wright said...

Happy Birthday, Hanna! You look like your daddy. ;)