Monday, February 22, 2010

Lily is 8! Oh, Happy Day!

YAY! She has been waiting for this day since she turned 7! We had her birthday party at "Brush With Art". It is a great place where you paint sweet little ceramic kids LOVE it! Big wishes.......
Her crazy family...... Sweet friends~ I love these girls!

Seth, the artist!

Sweet Sisters!

It REALLY is all about you, Cupcake!

Daddy and her before the big ear piercing! It was all she wanted for her 8th birthday! And, all she has talked about since her 7th birthday! She was so very excited!The first one goes in.......The brave girl......finished! Emma was the one that cried! No tears! Only joy!

My big 8 year old on her big day!

Big cookie for school! With a cat, of course!

And then, a date at the Rock N Roll Soda Shoppe with her good friend Andrew Greene and his sister, Ashley. He paid for her ice cream! It was so sweet!

So very sweet!

My big girl~ I cannot believe she is 8! What a wonderful ride we have had together. She has taught us how to hope and believe......and what faith is really all about!

We made personal pizzas out of biscuits for her birthday dinner!

Happy Birthday, Princess! We love you!

So happy you are mine! <3

Lots of Love.....

Oh, how i love LOVE! This month has been full of it at the Green House!

I love watching the kids make their Valentines! It brings back such good childhood memories. Drinking hot cocoa, with snow outside..... and picking that special one for each friend. Seth took great care and wanted to write every child's name on each one. And, of course, signed it with that precious "Seth"! I love his handwriting! Does it have to change? Ever?


Hanna made the decision to be baptized.....again. She has come so far in her walk and has really understood the Love of God in a real and personal way this year. She felt so sure about being a changed daughter of the King! How could we deny her that? What a witness she has been for me.....and so many! We really have no idea how many she touched by this act of obedience! Some things are mysteries.......but, this I know for sure.......... His love is so real, so much more than I can is deep and wide and His love endures forever. It is new every morning! And, the King is enthralled with her beauty! She is HIS!

Valentine's Day brought us more love! We just adore this forces us to love....even when we don't feel like it! Somedays, it is a challenge! These blessings remind me that I can do nothing BUT love........ Emma and Hanna before our "Girls Night Out" at the ballet........
Sweet little pockets full of love.......Valentines from friends......and school parties!

sweet love.......Lily performing at her Valentine's Day concert/dance. What a fun night this was! She was alllll smiles! They even did a little signing! My Funny Valentine........And.......

My Sweetheart!......and crab legs! Love them! This is part of the wonderful Valentine's Day dinner my sweetie cooked for our family! And.....SNOW! I love snow! We have had a lot of it this winter! Good things!

And, this is Lily's scarf that Aunt Janet made her for her's pretty and pink.....just the way she likes it!