Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank you, Grammy!

My mom is grand! When Seth was in Kansas in July, he loved Grammy's binoculars! When he tried to look in them, they nearly drug him to the ground because of the weight and he really couldn't get a good look....but, he wanted to see! So, for his birthday, she sent him his own little red pair of binoculars! He opened the box and Sean said, "your mother remembers everything!" Yep, she does, and it means alot! See, that is where I get this crazy, creative sense to make my kid's lives memorable! Thank you, Mom! And, wether he realizes the precious gift and the thought behind it or not, Seth loves his "glasses" and has gotten many miles out of them already! Thank you, Grammy! We love you!

The best day ever.....according to Seth!

Because I am "one of those" mothers that think their kid's birthdays need to be the most memorable landmarks in their life, I make myself (and my whole household) crazy! Yesterday was Seth's day! I let him pick breakfast (he picked the donut stop....cherry donut with sprinkles!) and lunch (hot dogs and mac-n-cheese), his after-school activity (the park) and his dinner.....really, anything that he wanted me to cook.....anything.......and he picks...........

..........and, as you can see, he is the happiest birthday boy on earth! (and his daddy is about as happy to be at McDonald's as the rest of the family!) It wasn't Daddy's day, tho! That's the way the cookie crumbles! (what is that analogy all about, anyway?) So, tonight is the party at Chuck E. Cheese (The Seth calls it) and I have a very confused 4 year old on my hands. He wonders if today is his birthday or yesterday. And, why didn't he have more presents to open today? And, where was his cake yesterday?! And, today he told the lady at United that he turned 4 today and was 4 yesterday, too....she was as confused as he is! See what I mean about craziness! Hey....I have always said, "if crazy makes you happy, go with it!" That just seems to be the anthem of our lives these we are going with it! And....I have always been a fan of "your birthday week"! I like it! Seth will learn to like it, too!

Enjoy life, Seth! It's yours! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

a blast from the past....

Terry White just sent this picture of Seth to me from his baby shower.....4 years ago! Wow, how time does fly! (this is my friend, Adrienne, from Waco. She flew in to Dalhart just for Seth's shower! God has blessed me with great lifelong friends! Love you, Ade!) Thank you, Terry! love you, too!

Seth Crighton Green is 4!!!!!

My boy is 4! How did this happen? He's the baby! I've been singing the "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." song to him all morning. (He's finally stopped being disturbed by my singing and has chimed in with humming a time or two!) That comes from that tear-jerker book "Love You Forever". I'm starting to really releate! If you haven't read it, run out and find it! It will make you cry....and, since I'm crying today, you can join me! It will bless me! :) On to my 4 year old! He is happy one minute and cranky the next. I love the happy times....he really is a funny guy! He LOVES to play with anything with wheels. And, if it doesn't have wheels, he will pretend it does and scoot it across the floor! He loves, ADORES, his sister, Lily! They also fight like dogs! He loves to go in the car....doesn't matter where! just go! He is a momma's boy....and I don't say that too loudly, because his daddy teases him about it and I don't want it to change anytime soon! I love that he only wants his momma to "hold me". I love that he always wants kisses (not on the lips!) and hugs from me. He is so sweet and cuddly and would just like to spend his day in my lap! I also love that he always wants to "help" me. Just to be with me.....

I have to also say......He is also his daddy's big, STRONG boy! He goes from cuddling in my lap to running to the door as fast as he can when he hears his daddy come home! He jumps violently into him and wrestles him to the floor with much laughter and growling! That makes my heart gush! He's my little man! I love how big he is becoming and how small he still is to me! I love this boy! .....and I celebrate the 4 years I've already had and the many years that are to come! Happy 4th Birthday, Sethy Crighton! my previous post......notice the picture I took of Emma in front of her school (below). Oh, you can't tell it's Emma? Right, because she is in the 8th grade now and has decided that her mom with a camera is the most humiliating thing on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! What has this world come to? (That's her, walking up to her school. I, sitting in my car, looking like a stalker, had to point the camera through my dirty windshield and take the shot! I'm surprised they didn't call the cops on me!)

Back To School!

1st Day of School! YEAH! I'm jumping for joy! Really, all of us are excited, Mommy is ECSTATIC!!!! Summer was fun, but it's time for school! I am a sucker for the long, lazy days of summer. The pool! The popscicles! The sprinkler in the yard! Vacation! Sleeping in late! Naps! FUN! .....however, the seasons tell us it is time to get back in the swing of a schedule and a BEDTIME!!!! Maybe I am just getting older and tired! Maybe I just need my own time! Maybe I just love Fall just as much as I love Summer?! (can you feel Fall coming? just the little cool breeze in the air? football? chili? sweater weather? can you smell it????)

So, we are off to a great start in school! Emma is an 8th grader at Canyon Jr. High and LOVES her friends :)! Hanna is a 5th grader at Canyon Intermediate School and loves her new teachers and new friends and the new freedom that being out of Elementary School provides. Lily started 1st grade at Crestview Elementary here in Canyon. She got to mainstream into a normal, all-hearing classroom with no interpretor and quite frankly, I'm nervous! It will be a week to week progress for her. We really don't forsee ANY problems, however, it's my job to worry just a little about this little jewel that God gave me! I know, HE loves her more than I could ever love her and has her in the palm of HIS hand! I know! My mind knows, my heart aches! She is fine! Really! She loves her new teacher, loves her desk, loves, LOVES school!!! :) Seth is home with me for another year! He is still at MDO 2 days a week and LOVES that! I love that I get a couple days to do my stuff and all of the other days with my snuggly, wonderful, funny boy! I love school! I love "back to school"! I love the schedules! So, why am I tired already? 6:00am comes quickly! Bedtime for the kids is early...... and mommy is really enjoying her time in the evenings! Soooooo, maybe the trick is a bedtime for mommy? hmmmmmmmmmm............

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Green Babies

......but, they aren't babies anymore! Dang! Where does time go? Emma is 13 and in the 8th grade, Hanna is 10 and is in the 5th grade, Lily is 6 and is in the 1st grade and Seth is 3 (4 on the 28th!!!) and will be home with me again this year! He goes to "Mary's", which is Mother's Day Out, consequently, at St. Ann's Catholic Church! Mary is his teacher....not the holy mother Mary! :) Life is good! .....and, summer is sadly drawing to a close!!!

Blog-Stalker....No MORE! I'm in!

I love to read the ramblings of bloggers! I am a time-waster with it! Seriously! Well, I don't think I'm wasting my time, but others in my household may have such the opinion! I have loved reading and watching and keeping up with all of my friend's kids and lives on their much so, I've decided to return the joy! With family and friends in different parts of the US, this will be a great way for them to peek in on the happenings in our home. I hope I don't bore you with my random-ness, but bring some laughter to your day with the sheer non-sense that goes on in our lives! Don't get me wrong..... I love the non-sense! It should really be called "fun-sense"! It is the stuff that makes life worth livin'! It's the cheese on the cracker....because my kids won't even consider the cracker without the cheese! :) That's the kind of stuff you will get here! Hope you enjoy it and come back often! So, it's official, I'm not a blog-stalker anymore! I've always heard said, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!", I'm in!