Sunday, June 6, 2010 glad you have finally made it!

School's out for summer! We are jumping for JOY! I took Emma and her friends out for a fun Sunday photo shoot. It was the last week of their Freshman year! Wow! How this year has flown by! We were all ready for summer break after the crazy-fun-Spring we have had!

Here is a glimpse of what the last month has held for the Green House!

Spring brings storms! We had a scary one! Tornadoes just down the road. This is one of the pictures we took after we got out of the shelter. I love the way the sun is breaking through while it was still hailing. That is so much like life! There will always be sunshine after the storm!Spring! Beautiful girls in the beautiful wildflowers of West Texas! Love these girls! My beautiful SOPHOMORE girl! A few of the great shots I got of her on the photoshoot! She is a beauty! Inside and out! I am so proud she is mine!

Spring brings GRADUATION! Pre-school graduation, that is. The caps. The gowns. The Pomp and Circumstance. Why?! To make mom's cry! That is their whole scheme! I was a mess from the moment the director said the title of her poem. "If I Had My Child to Raise Once Again"! Sigh...Their teachers said a little bit about each child. She said Seth was a leader, an artist and a very sweet boy. She pegged him perfectly!

They even got to turn their tassels.......look out kindergarten. The Canyon schools will never be the same!

Mommy and Daddy and the proud little graduate! Seth is going to "big school"!

Look out Canyon High! These boys are coming up...... It did my heart good to see my big, little boy climbing a tree. He really is still little....his daddy had to help him up.

Spring brings track meets.....end of school parties.....and lots of fun! We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Hanna's track meet. Hanna loves her brother.....and so does all of the boys in her class! (see them waiting for him behind her!) I don't know who they enjoy being with more.....Hanna or Seth.

They taught him how to dance. Hanna was a little embarrassed! (at least it wasn't me embarrassing her with MY dancing this time!) He entertained us all! And, for the event of the day.....

Hanna raced against 3 boys in the 200 meter dash...... and she beat them all! It was the talk of the school! She even got an award....for beating the boys!

Spring also brings ballet recitals.......

Lily and Emma both had recitals with Lone Star Ballet. They were on different days. This was meant to make it easier on parents....and to make the recitals not last as painfully long as years past. But, for this family, we got to go to BOTH of them. We are special! We have 2 ballerinas! 7 years apart!

My beautiful the back right. She makes my heart skip a beat! I love watching her dance!

Emma and the girls.....they have been dancing together for several years. Beauties!

Lily and Seth love to watch their sisters perform, I don't know where Seth ran off to when it was time for a picture, but he really was there!

My little prima ballerina! What a beautiful, graceful child!

Grammy got to be here for the recitals. And, since they split them up, Emma even got to sit and watch Lily perform. It was a sweet time!

Sprng also and softball and softball.......oh, my!

Seth got to play tee ball this year! He was the cutest little "Rockie" there was! I loved watching him and his friends play....and play in the dirt! They are precious! (I know Sean! But,I can call him precious for just a little bit longer!!!!) I can just imagine them in a few short years as Canyon High players. They will still be precious to mommy!

Seth the's favorite part! He looked so little and cute in all of that gear! He was fearless when that ball came across the plate. He especially thought it was cool when it hit his mask!

Seth the batter.....his favorite part! He was good, too! They got 3 pitches from the coach and then they got the tee. He almost always got his hit off of the coach!

Seth the outfielder.....and the dancer!

He made us all laugh!

They got to play an exciting double header for the championship! The lost.....but, only because they were tired and the other team was fresh! For those of you with 5 year old boys, you will understand the need for a fresh boy to win a game. (or at least resist to play in the dirt for another hour!)

Proud Daddy moment!

Lily Hope took a swing at softball! It was machine pitch. A team of girls that love each other and go to school together. She got to be #7, just like her big sister! Go, Canyon Cuties!

Lily and Ally! Best friends.....and teammates!

She really is #1!!!!

The Canyon Cuties are 8U Champs!!!! An unlikely team of friends....with a coach that loves these girls....many first timers..... and that just goes to show that love and kindness really DOES make a difference!
And here is the 2010 Spring/Summer 12U Amarillo Lightning Storm team. They are fierce! They are friends! They are beauties! They've got game! Stay tuned for more Storm tournaments are just now getting started! Off we gooooooo...............

And...there is my workin' girl!

Emma got her first job! (Even as I type that, it seems so surreal! This is a little hard for her daddy and I. How could she be old enough to be "at work" every night?!) She is working at the "TEXAS" production, down in the Palo Duro Canyon. She is on the Hospitality Crew and LOVES it! One day (probably next summer) she would love to perform in this production. It is a piece of Texas History that everyone must see!

So, now the relaxing begins! The lazy days of summer are here! Staying up late and sleeping in later. Pool time! Naps! Softball tournaments with Hanna and the Storm....

We are going to enjoy every minute of it!