Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Madness......SuperMom to the rescue!

I just posted a real quick run-down of March thru half of May. However, it would not do my SuperMom SuperPowers any justice if I didn't include these activities, too! I joke about the days when I have to pull my cape out of the closet, and lately, it has been out too often!

Being a mom is nice, quaint, lovely.......but, being a SUPERMOM is fierce! I am a passionate person! Why would this role in my life be any less! No one would expect it. I would surely hate to disappoint!

So, I say, "Put up your dukes.....Let's get down to it!"

Hanna was selected to participate "Reflections", an art program that is throughout the entire school district. This is her with one of her entrie. She entered two pastels and won awards for both.....she loves art!

We have also been doing softball! Hanna still plays on the tournament team, Amarillo Lightning Storm! They are an awesome bunch of little softball players! They are small but mighty! This was one of our first tourneys this year, in Lubbock. I took all 3 kids by myself and stayed with our dear friends, The Woods! We always have so much fun going and supporting our Hanna! She rocks!

Hanna's slide into home! Whew! Makes me so nervous.....and she LOVES it!

And, here's the only pic you will see of Emma. Here, she is a cheerleader for her sister! That is about the last time we saw her, too. They are working on their Lone Star Ballet Academy Spring Recital. She has been at the studio for class and rehearsal everyday and evening. Her dedication to dance is really something to be mentioned! And, don't forget her driver! Me! Dedication! There will be more on her soon.....stay tuned!

Seth and one of our kittens. We have 4. I don't have time for this......so, I call it an unexpected pleasure?!

Hanna at her Field Day! She is awesome fast! She got 1st in the softball throw and 2nd in the 200. Her mile relay team finished 2nd, too. I'm so proud of her!

Seth got to do "little kickers" this year! Oh, my goodness, this produced MANY belly laughs from the stands! These little guys have been sitting on the bleachers, watching big brothers and sisters for years.....and NOW....it's their turn! I don't know if they are having as much fun out there as we are watching them!
Seth was on "bandanas" when they scrimmaged! Nice outfit! I love that they only want comfort at this age! It was cold!
This is the best! They all just did what they learned.....kick the ball and run after the ball. And they kept kicking and running, past the goal, clear out to the pasture. The coaches decided they better run after them....because they were almost out of shouting range! LOL! We were rolling in the stands! This brings a whole new meaning to "out of bounds"!!!!

Lily walked/ran in the Eaglethon at her school. This is their fundraiser! I love that! No cookie dough sales! :) They raised money by amount of laps or the amount of minutes walked/ran. I pledged to pay her $1 per minute. Her Daddy pledged to pay her $1 per lap. She made 7 laps in 20 minutes! Hmmmmm.... No comments from the peanut gallery......Seth participating in Eaglethon! ARGH!The Crestview Cookout to celebrate Eaglethon: Notice the difference in the weather. Same week! Different Day! We can't do anything in one day! No, let's spread the event over the W-H-O-L-E week, because nobody has anything else to do! Really, this was a fun day. Same day as Hanna's Field Day....did I mention SUPERMOM???!!!

And, this is Lily's favorite place in the soccer game.....on the coach's lap! She loves soccer! She's just not into running for an hour. Who is, really?! I have enjoyed watching her participate in a team sport. She is a sweet encourager. And a team player. But, if the wind is blowing her hair and her pony tail isn't tight enough, all bets are off! She is DONE! (And the hair will be fixed right in the middle of the field of play!)Lily does play.....she loves to throw it in from the sidelines! :)

And, here's to the SuperMom on Mother's Day! My day! Awwwww, this day makes it all worth while! At 7am, I heard footsteps, then, "DAD, I'm ready to get up!!!!" DAD?! There must have been some training behind that statement! So, I pretended not to hear and at 9AM, I heard more footsteps.....this time, they were carrying breakfast! Yay for Mother's Day!!! My sweet boy.......he loves his momma so much!My blessings! This is why I do what I do. Why I drive and I cheer and I yell and I get sunburned and why I put my heart on the line everyday! They are the reason I drag my tired self to bed at midnight and why I drag my tired self out of bed at 6:30am every day! Their smiles are why I put on my SuperMom cape on the tough days and just get by the best I can! Somehow, I make it to every event....or at least have someone there to take the pictures.....and somehow I make each of them feel special and wanted and loved! These are the reasons why....... Emma, Hanna, Lily and Seth..........Thank you for making each day a journey and the road a total joy!

DISCLAIMER: This could not have been done without my sidekick, SuperDad. He is my partner in crime....we divide and conquer many, many days! Thanks, honey! And, thank you for even taking the camera!!! We love you!


Where did April and half of May go? And, how did I skip Easter??? This life is flying by....I guess we are having fun! So, here you go Grandma, the missing links to our last few months......

Life is fun! It really can't get any better than this.....

Time Steps happened! It was a brilliant show with the ROCK of the Ages....from the 50's to now!! The music rocked and so did the dancers! Way to go, Emma! You are sooo groovy!

2 generations of ROCK! LOVE IT!

An outreach performance at the elementary school in Hereford. The dancers did a little sampling of "Timesteps"! Emma rocked!

Then, on April the 7th, I turned 37! WOW! Life is good! I love this age!

One of my favorite gifts from my girls! The Jonas Brothers ROCK!

Easter 2009

Always a fun holiday at the Green House! We all LOVE to color eggs! Somehow, I only got to do one out of the 4 dozen that were boiled! We love Easter morning, Easter service at church and all of what Easter means to us! Thank you, Jesus! You rock!