Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Where did April and half of May go? And, how did I skip Easter??? This life is flying by....I guess we are having fun! So, here you go Grandma, the missing links to our last few months......

Life is fun! It really can't get any better than this.....

Time Steps happened! It was a brilliant show with the ROCK of the Ages....from the 50's to now!! The music rocked and so did the dancers! Way to go, Emma! You are sooo groovy!

2 generations of ROCK! LOVE IT!

An outreach performance at the elementary school in Hereford. The dancers did a little sampling of "Timesteps"! Emma rocked!

Then, on April the 7th, I turned 37! WOW! Life is good! I love this age!

One of my favorite gifts from my girls! The Jonas Brothers ROCK!

Easter 2009

Always a fun holiday at the Green House! We all LOVE to color eggs! Somehow, I only got to do one out of the 4 dozen that were boiled! We love Easter morning, Easter service at church and all of what Easter means to us! Thank you, Jesus! You rock!

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