Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm AWAKE! and Christmas is here!!!!!!

Ok, my grandmother is getting antsy about me "waking up and posting, already!" So, here goes! BTW....can anyone believe Christmas is 6 days away?! WHAT! I have been sleeping, I guess! This year's Nutcracker was a week later than the year's before, so I guess that is why I am panting and gasping for air to get things done. No down time for me! Everyone I run into has asked, "are you recovered?" , "are you back to normal yet?" , "are you glad it's over?" , "will you do it again? and, my favorite, "when does the next performance schedule start?" (and that person knows us better than anyone! ILY, Leanna!) So, 1. no, I am not recovered, NEVER! (not even after a nap nearly everyday since and a 2 and 1/2 hour nap today!) 2. On the normal thing, I don't know what "normal" is, I will get back to you on that when I figure it out. 3. Yes and no.....I am glad it's over, but miss it terribly! Bittersweet parting! I am a glutton for punishment, obviously! 4. OF COURSE, we will do it again! Over and over and over again! I may even dance in it next year! AND.....Lily is insisting that we will watch her in the Nutcracker next year, too! ARGH! Did I mention punishment?! 5. And, to all of you wondering, the next audition is in January for the next performance. Emma will be in "Time Steps" in the Spring. It never ends! NEVER! Oh, by the way, softball will start in January for Hanna, too. And, last night, when I picked Hanna up from Cheer Texas, she gets in the car and the first thing out of her mouth is.........................."I want to compete!" I knew it! I am officially going to need a Nanny! (if any of you out there know of someone in the area or want to volunteer, we are taking applications!!!!!!!!)

What happens in the buffoon's dressing room, stays in the buffoon's dressing room! :)

Annie (Juene)
Bobby (Drosselmeir),
Emma (Clara)
Emma signing autographs at Children's Party. The Buffoons!
Hanna and a precious lamb (my favorite).

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Gigi, Cameron and Grammy.....opening night guests!

Guest artists, Carlos and Jennifer (Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier) with Emma after the final bow.

Emma and dear Ms Vickie.

Emma with Nutcracker Prince, Drake (from Ballet West, Utah) with Lily and Seth at Children's Party.

So, Christmas is 6 days away. I have decided to accept it. Christmas break began officially today at noon. There is a Christmas excitement in the air at my house. I love it! It never fails! I always think I'm not ready but when they are out, I LOVE IT! (for a day or two) I am about crazy already tonight and have threatened "early bedtime" for everyone! Including momma! (except, after the 2 and 1/2 hour nap, I think I am good!) I am almost done with my shopping. Sean wants to go with me Monday to get some "boy stuff" for Seth. Apparently he is afraid I'll come home with footed pink bunny pj's.....which I can not find anywhere!!!! The house is as decorated as it's going to get, there are MANY gifts to still be wrapped in my closet, there is baking and candy making to be done this weekend and THEN the joyous holiday can come! I better get busy! ......and off of this computer! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, many belly laughs with the ones you love and blessings beyond blessings expected from God this Christmas. (and I wish for a Nanny for all of my busy momma friends out it illegal for Nannies to cook and clean and keep your kids for cheap? JW!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.......

(more Nutcracker pics of the actual show on! password "nut08". It's worth a look!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

And visions of Sugar Plums danced in her head......

.......Nutcracker 2008 is behind us, leaving us with bittersweet feelings for our labor of love! What an awesome Christmas gift we have in this tradition! I hope some of you got to come and see the performance....they were fabulous! I will send pictures when I wake up!