Friday, August 29, 2008

The best day ever.....according to Seth!

Because I am "one of those" mothers that think their kid's birthdays need to be the most memorable landmarks in their life, I make myself (and my whole household) crazy! Yesterday was Seth's day! I let him pick breakfast (he picked the donut stop....cherry donut with sprinkles!) and lunch (hot dogs and mac-n-cheese), his after-school activity (the park) and his dinner.....really, anything that he wanted me to cook.....anything.......and he picks...........

..........and, as you can see, he is the happiest birthday boy on earth! (and his daddy is about as happy to be at McDonald's as the rest of the family!) It wasn't Daddy's day, tho! That's the way the cookie crumbles! (what is that analogy all about, anyway?) So, tonight is the party at Chuck E. Cheese (The Seth calls it) and I have a very confused 4 year old on my hands. He wonders if today is his birthday or yesterday. And, why didn't he have more presents to open today? And, where was his cake yesterday?! And, today he told the lady at United that he turned 4 today and was 4 yesterday, too....she was as confused as he is! See what I mean about craziness! Hey....I have always said, "if crazy makes you happy, go with it!" That just seems to be the anthem of our lives these we are going with it! And....I have always been a fan of "your birthday week"! I like it! Seth will learn to like it, too!

Enjoy life, Seth! It's yours! :)

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