Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank you, Grammy!

My mom is grand! When Seth was in Kansas in July, he loved Grammy's binoculars! When he tried to look in them, they nearly drug him to the ground because of the weight and he really couldn't get a good look....but, he wanted to see! So, for his birthday, she sent him his own little red pair of binoculars! He opened the box and Sean said, "your mother remembers everything!" Yep, she does, and it means alot! See, that is where I get this crazy, creative sense to make my kid's lives memorable! Thank you, Mom! And, wether he realizes the precious gift and the thought behind it or not, Seth loves his "glasses" and has gotten many miles out of them already! Thank you, Grammy! We love you!


Momma V said...

I'll bet Sethy can see ALLLLL the
way to Kansas! I'll be out in the yard looking back! Love to my sweet boy!
Momma V

Knock On Wood said...

Pretty sweet!

Grandma Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Seth. Sounds like he had a great day(s). Tell him hello from us and give him a lot of extra kisses and hugs.

As We Are said...

Hey Greens! I was waiting to see you on here :) I'm glad we can keep up with each other!