Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer Mom!

It's happened again! I'm a soccer mom! My sweet Lily has decided to play soccer this year with her friend, Ally. What's good for Ally is good for her! Ally's daddy, Micheal McBroom, is their coach. This weekend was the first game and Micheal went out of town, so Lily's daddy got to be thier coach! Sean doesn't know anything about soccer and really melts around 6 year old girls! So, he hired Emma and Hanna to help out on the sidelines. (Emma played one season of soccer when we first moved here and was pretty good. It didn't fit into her ballerina lifestyle, tho!) So, GAME ON! Lily's first game, Sean's first coaching experience..... I knew it would be interesting! And, it didn't disappoint!

Lily was so excited....we had the pink ball, the pink shoes, the pink shirt.....and when we got to the field and they handed out team shirts.......we got black! It's ok! It really works good for pictures! :) Sean's first task was picking which four would play first and which 2 would sit out! That was the hardest thing for him to do and ended up letting Lily sit out first, because he didn't want to disappoint anyone! Lily was really great with that, too, because all of that running really isn't her cup of tea!!!! And, Sean thought it best for her to sit and watch for a little bit to see what really happens in a soccer GAME! (turns out, that is very different from soccer PRACTICE!) The game was fast, lots of substitutions happened.....lots of substitutions were begged for! We scored, they scored, we scored, they know the drill in youth soccer.......then it was halftime! Everyone was tired, the black shirts were very HOT! in our late September Indian Summer, all of them wanted more water and more time out.......and noone wanted to go back in to play! So, the second half was much like the first, but their team endured more and scored more. We lost our first game, 12-8, but those 6 girls won Sean's heart right from the start! We are addicted! It doesn't take long! Lily did good, once she realized her teammates were not the ones she was supposed to play defense on like they had done in practice, and she is ready for the next game! So, I guess "soccer mom" can be added to my many list of least for the next 5 weeks! :) Game on!


As We Are said...

Hey, I am almost positive I saw a Green girl at church today? Were any of you at Hillside this morning?

The Wilsons said...

Oh wow! I started playing soccer at Lily's age, and didn't stop until I was a senior in high school. I can't wait for my girls start playing! Love the pictures! Oh, and did yall decide about the Balloon festival?

Enjoying the journey... said...

Way to go Lily! Good job coach!! Lily looks so grown up and so beautiful!
BTW: When I talked to my mom last week she told me she loves reading your blog and seeing Emma and Hanna--all grown up! She will never comment--she won't even comment on my blog---but she would love to tell the girls hi!

Knock On Wood said...

You know the difference between a soccer mom and a pit bull? White carmel machiotto, cool sunglasses and a pink shirt. I'm a funny or just lame?

JacqueGreen said...

yes, I believe you are SOOOO right! (Were you stalking me on Saturday at the soccer field?! and, do you have pictures?!) tee hee!

Enjoying the journey... said...

Soccer Coach,
I would bet you are a hit with all the soccer players just like you were with all of the t-ball players! I remember your quiet ways and try to imitate them with my girls even today... Now, wipe that grin off of your face and make those girls get out there and hustle!! :D

A former coaching partner of yours and a admirer of Dad's who can be good girls coaches!