Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where have the months gone?

WOW! How could it be November? Where did the summer months go and the beginning of school.....and now, it is FALL?! I know, everyone says "the older you get....", but I am not accepting that! I want to remember my days and capture every moment and ponder on it....so that each memory will be fresh for me to revisit on days like today.....when I am wondering, "where has the time gone?!"

Sooooo.....to fill in the gap between now and the last time I blogged (sorry Grandma), we have had MANY events and fun things going on in our lives! It has been FULL!

We started the summer off with a BANG! Emma and I took a girlfriend trip to Baton Rouge, LA! We went to the Bayou Countryfest to see Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Kelly Pickler! It was awesome! We got to try some local cuisine.....and found out they serve biscuits with EVERYTHING! It was wonderful....and a great time for Emma and I to get away together!
here we are with our traveling girls.....the other Green's.....Katie and McKay
...and the famous TSwift heart! We heart you, Taylor!

Summer is not summer with out the 4th of July! We enjoyed celebrating our country and freedom and family in Kansas.....which is our tradition! We love to be at Gpa Max's lake and celebrate with the Miller/Lattimer families.

And on the 5th of July, we love to celebrate Granny Loyce's birthday with the cousins and Grammy on her farm.Granny and some of the great grands. Aly, Emma, Cameron, Hanna, Lily, Quinn and SethMom, me, Gretch and Granny

Summer took us to the beach! YAY ! I love the beach! It is my favorite place to be. I will always remember the sound of the ocean coming in and going out. It is forever carved in my mind. I love seeing my kids in the ocean and on the sand, playing and getting lost..... like there is nothing else important in this world than this moment right here, right now. They taught me so much on this vacation. To sit back, relax and enjoy the view! We went to Padre Island this year. It was Amazing. Relaxing. Wonderful.

Yes, we played some softball this summer ! Hanna's Storm team did great! We played in several tournaments around Texas and then traveled to Carlsbad, NM for a week of tournament fun. We also went to Nationals and WON! It was an exciting time!

I also traveled to Kansas in July for my 20th High School reunion! What fun we had together, again! The Lyons High class of 1990 still ROCKS!

We also got to be at the XIT Parade and rodeo with our cousins in Dalhart. Always a fun time!

Then, Grammy came to see "TEXAS" for the first time! We enjoyed an extra special treat as Miss Emma Green was our hostess for the night. Emma love working out at the Palo Duro Canyon and with the"TEXAS" organization! What a fun and wonderful experience for her first job!AND, the family went on another occasion! It is just too much fun! This was Seth's first experience at "TEXAS"! He loved it, too! Except, for the fireworks at the end! "Too loud!"

....and our end of summer trip to Wonderland! Always a fun time!

And then it was back to school! My baby went to Kindergarten and my oldest started her Sophomore year! Hanna started Jr High, in the 7th grade, and Lily in 3rd. How?! What a wonderful year it has been already. Lots of growing up has had to happen....and momma is enjoying some "momma time".

Sweet Seth turned 6!!! on August 28th! It seems like yesterday, we were bringing that tiny little boy home from the hospital! Our prayers in that NICU room "for strength" have come to fruition! Oh, how I love my strong, handsome little guy! ...here he is on his Razor Powerwing scooter! It was ALL he wanted! :)

Lone Star Ballet performed "Dracula" in October. What a wonderfully freaky show! Emma was a bride of Dracula....and enjoyed getting her "freak" on! She was frightening! (but the sweetest little vampire I have ever seen!)

Happy Fall!

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