Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet 16 and An Enchanted Evening.....

Another "how can it be" moment! ( I seem to be having many of those lately!) I chalk it up to my children's older ages....not mine! :)
My Emma Kate is 16!!! I can't believe the day has finally come! She is a vision of beauty and of grace. We love to watch her dance and sing and do the things she loves the most. She has given us so much to be thankful for....but, I am thankful most of all for the way she has taught me mercy and a love that looks so much like the Father!

Emma's "new" car! We have been trying out all options, and, it looks like she is getting the one she wanted! This was the best car to "fit" her. She wanted to be high up off the ground and she had to see over the steering wheel. With her trips back and forth to Amarillo, Momma will feel better now that she has something "meaty" to travel in! (And, she looks stinkin' cute in it!)

Sweet 16 wishes!

And, on her 16th Birthday, how fitting that Lone Star Ballet would throw their annual Nutcracker Ball. We say....in her honor...but, the whole family, and many of her good friends, got to enjoy this enchanted evening together!
This is my favorite picture from the night.....Seth is in Heaven!!!

Our beautiful family...

Emma and her friends in her new car! (this won't be the last time I see this view!)

My sweet peeps!

Emma and Seth and their matching Converse! COOL!!

And, the final fun surprise of the evening.....their very own LIMO! The look on Emma's face when he pulled into our driveway was PRICELESS!

And, here is "Joe Cool" again.....what a ladies man!

...arriving at the Ball....they were princesses, for sure!

...and, this Cinderella better not loose her glass slipper at midnight!
The Belles of the Ball......Morgan, Marissa, Madison, Emma and Kyleigh

Emma. Erin and Loren.....dancing friends.

my sweet birthday girl

Lily's excitement for Santa could not be contained! She is such a silly girl!

Hanna and her daddy

Sweeeeet Sisters!

me and my little guy smiley

....and the band sang "Happy Birthday, dear Emma!" What a fun moment in the spotlight for her! She is very comfortable there.....and she still loves her momma!

Seth, doing the "Bunny Hop"! Oh, that boy had the time of his life!

oh....we all did!

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