Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Softball and Nutcracker and LIFE.....oh, my!

That is my anthem...it is ringing in my head! We have soooo enjoyed taveling with the fastpitch softball tournament team this year.....but, isn't it time to STOP?!!!!! Just this weekend, I took Hanna (and the rest of my crew ) to Wichita Falls for the Texas ASA State Tourney. (Sean was in Dalhart working the ER, while I had trauma of my own!!!!!!) .....anyhow, it was fun, but the drive was long and the games were long (esp. the last one on Sat. night! We finished at MIDNIGHT.... Texas time!) woooo! The girls did great and fought hard, but their carriage turned into a pumpkin and they lost their glass slippers and LOST the game! We came home on Sunday after some Nutcracker Ball dress shopping..... Very tired! Very cranky!

That brings me to my next stop....Nutcracker! You all know how I love (and loathe) Nutcracker time! Yes, yes, it is all worth it to watch my ballerina and gymnast show their stuff on the big stage! It's just all of the wonderful things that lead up to it that I could do without. Nutcracker Ball is one of them. The kids love getting all dressed up for a night and a party, just for them! It's Nov. 8th. I'll pencil it in!

On with the show......this year, Emma is "Clara" again! YEAH! We are thrilled! And, if that isn't enough, on her "off nights", she is in the party scene as a Party Girl, dancing in the Snow Scene, a Merliton in Act II, in The Land of Sweets, and then she is also in "The Waltz of the Flowers". Wooooo! I am worn out! She will be "Clara" on Friday and Sunday performances and the other FOUR roles on Thurs. and Saturday. Eight performances in all! (You can go to http://www.lonestarballet.org/ for ticket info). One of the mom's asked me the other day, as we stood staring at the cast list in awe and dispair......"Is this the Emma Green show, or what?!" I didn't have an answer! My mind was throwing out all kinds of comments and jabs, but my heart guarded my tongue and I just SMILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) When you've got it, you've got it!

Hanna is also in The Nutcracker again this year! She is a tumbling buffoon again. It just fits her, really! And she is proud of it! She will be in EVERY performance. :) I'm so proud of my girls!

We have already started rehearsals. Emma is there after school with classes, and then rehearsals till 9:30pm, most weeknights. She LOVES it, so it's worth it. Lots of hard work, sweat and tears. We are still doing soccer with Lily and gymnastics with Hanna and softball....which is almost done till Spring! Seth just hangs on for the ride. He loves the ride! And, he likes to go fast! He's in luck! I am so thankful for my hubby! He just smiles and asks very little of me during this crazy time! We did decide the other day that we need to hire another parent to this party. If there are any takers, get back to me! SOON! :)

Soooooo, bare with me in the next few months. My blogs may be few and far between. You never know which mommy hat I will have on. You may get totally sick of Nutcracker stuff.....it may be complaints or praises! You never know! :) That's why I love blogging.....I can just let my mind go and you can turn it off whenever you want!

Oh, yeah, I forgot....we had Canyon homecoming on Friday before we left for the tournament. I made Emma and Emily's mums. Aren't they fun?! :) Life would just pass me by with no memory if I didn't have photos to prove where I've been! ARGH! Canyon beat Lubbock-Estacado....a lot to a little! That's all I know.....


The Wilsons said...
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The Wilsons said...

I totally want to see the nutcracker this year since we missed Emma in it last year! Let me know when time gets closer. What a great date night!

Brie said...

I can't wait to get Mali and I's tickets for our 2nd annual mommy and Mali date to the Nutcracker and to see Emma as Clara...Mali still talks about Clara. Maybe she won't fall asleep at the end this year!:)

Knock On Wood said...

Hey, we are still up in the air about the game, but I wanted to let you know. Darling daughter is having kind of a puny week, so it may be up until Sat. if we know if we are coming or not. sorry, I don't know more than that right now. Hope you are doing great. hugs -a-