Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365

So, as soon as it started....I fell behind! Life happened! I knew it would! However, I did manage to get caught up. So, here it is. (I will try to post less than 20 pictures next time! :) My first 20 days of the new year and my project 365.....a picture a day of simple pleasures that bless my life!

My New Year motto:

My sweet Hanna....and the way i see her many times during the day....
....ahhhh, happiness in my mug!
A blessing.....with a fever! Why are sick babies so stinkin' sweet?
....and his favorite thing to do.
A sight that makes you proud! We did good!
Seth, "helping" me cook his "cloud eggs", his favorite breakfast.
My morning, starting out right!
I LOVE these shoes! They make me happy! :)
and one of my favorite things!
Sweet Lily, and her cheering friends
God's handiwork at it's finest.....winter sunsets!
Seth's 1st lost tooth. I love this look.....and it's the last time I will see it in one of my children.
Sweet Hanna cheerleader! She blesses me!
When I see this, right inside the door, after first reaction is "grrrrr"! Then, I realize how blessed I am to be the mommy to this little boy of mine!
My kitty....Clara. She loves me!
Seth and his popcorn. Enough said!
My new MacBook. Ahhhhhhh..........
Lily make my heart smile! And, your new braces make you look too grown up!

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Kara said...

These are AWESOME!! Your babies are so precious! I LOVE the picture in the jersey. Super cool!!