Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 15th Emma Kate!

I woke up this morning in a pondering state.......wondering HOW I could have a 15 year old daughter. It really just seems like a few short years ago, we were told there may not be any "Green" children. And, if so, there would probably only be one. We prayed and prayed and learned what a "fervant" prayer was. God reassured His faithfulness to us when we found out we were having a baby. A baby girl! How could I be so blessed as this?! Emma has been a shining light in our worlds since the day she was born. Yes, there were MANY evenings that I wondered how I would make it through.....and, yet, Got proved Himself over and over!

Today, at 15, she amazes us with her grace....not only physical.....but, her whole graceful self! Her beauty shines from within. Her joy is contagious! Her sweet spirit goes before her. She's my daughter. My coffee buddy. My singing partner. My movie-goer. My biggest fashion critic. And, my friend. I'm so glad she's mine!


Grammy said...

I remember having the same sentiments as you when Emma was born. Grampy always called her a "migget" (hard 'g'). He just couldn't believe such a tiny little girl could wrap her heart around his finger. Such a big heart in a small body. I feel lucky to have her, too!!

Brie said...

So sweet Jacque! God had been so faithful!