Monday, October 5, 2009

Wait for's here!

This is dedicated to you, Grandma! A new blog! YIPPPEEEE! I can't believe it has been since May since I blogged last. Wow! Time does fly when you're having fun!

The summer was joyous! We loved it and can't wait for it to be here again! Much needed rest and relaxation!

School began. Four kids. Four schools. Enough said!

(I do need to mention, I have a pre-schooler and a Freshman in high school! How?!!!!)

So, it brings me to today. A wonderfully dreary fall day. I am in love with the season that brings crisp mornings, cool evenings, football games, pumpkins in the patch and Pumpkin Spice Latte in my cup! YES!

In our life lately, it has been busy. FULL! Blessed.

Emma is dancing her heart out, getting ready for "Timesteps: Rock of Ages". It's the rockin' production that LSB put on in the Spring and is bringing back again. Do not miss it if you are in our area. IT ROCKS! She also will be in the upcoming Nutcracker, Dec. 12-14th. She has five rolls. One of most favorite being the dancing Columbine Doll that comes out of the box at the party in scene one. So beautiful! we go again!

Hanna is playing tournament softball with her beloved Storm team. And league play, too. It has been so much fun watching this little team turn into a big event! They are ones to watch.....and fear. They finished league play 10-0. I am so proud of her team and her ability to keep them all pumped up! She is my cheerleader! Oh, more than you know!!! Hanna will also be in The Nutcracker in Dec. as an ice-skater!

Lily Hope. The princess. She started dancing again with Lone Star Ballet. She just wanted to be in The Nutcracker, like her sisters. That's all. So, she is doing classes there now and auditioned in August......and MADE IT! She is debuting in her first Nutcracker as a Snow Angel and a little pink lamb in Merliton. She is so excited! So am I! (Pictures to follow very soon!) Pray for me!

And, then there is the boy! Momma's Boy! Seth started pre-school this fall. He was excited, at first. Now, not so much. He just doesn't want me to leave him. He'd be happy to just be with me, no matter what we are doing. I pulled up to school one day, and noticed a very sad face in my rear-view mirror. I said, "Buddy, you LOVE school! What is the matter?" He said, very matter-of-factly, "But, I LOVE YOU!" Hmm. Now how do you argue that point? Seth is not in The Nutcracker. Not yet. :)

Sean and I are just holding on for the ride in all of this fun and excitement! We tag-team most days. Quite nicely, I might add. Sean is our biggest fan and my best supporter. He stays so busy at work and is on board for whatever is happening when he gets home. We couldn't do it without him. It's football season, too, which makes him a happy man!

I have turned over a new leaf in the world of running. I have been training since August and have loved it. I am an adict. I ran in my first 5K for the Susan G Komen foundation on Sept. 26th. It was awesome and I was just so proud to finally make it there. And that it was for such a good cause, more awesome! I also started teaching dance at Lone Star Ballet. I am so glad to be back at it. I am teaching little ones. Mommy and me classes for 18-24 months and then 3-4 year olds. I am also going to be teaching at the pre-school program at Seth's school. Maybe he will get to dance, afterall!

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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Brie said...

You are busy! Can't wait to watch your girls dance!